Feeling Italy


Feeling Italy

A natural vocation for hospitality

Feeling Italy is a property management agency since 2003 with a vast portfolio of facilities to offer.

It is the adventure of three friends with a passion for hospitality, love for the territory, for his beauty and its culture, the desire to always achieve something of more beautiful and important.

Feeling Italy

"We are passionate about Italy and our Italian culture."

The properties we find all have the “wow” factor, whether it features a breath-taking view, an extraordinary pool or a sense of character and style. We manage our properties directly, we have the in-depth knowledge to recommend a property suitable for you. We can always tell you if the selected dates are available and you can be sure to get the best deal. We sincerely care about the experience you have with Feeling Italy. Our offices are not far away from the properties we manage. We live right here, in Sorrento. We visit our properties every day. And you can always find us if there is a problem.

Feeling Italy


Romantic heart,

a bit manager and a bit dreamer.

Co-founder and current CEO of Feeling Italy, with over 20 years of experience in the tourism sector, is the creator of the concept of hospitality at the base of the Feeling Italy project.

In 2007, he left the position of Area Manager of one of the most important tour operators of the extra hotel sector to settle in Sorrento, fascinated by the beauty and genuineness of the Amalfi Coast.

Together with his lifetime friend, Ferruccio, he brings to life a project of reception based on the emotion and culture of Italian hospitality which year after year grows up to become a reference model in the panorama of Home Vacation Rental.

Feeling Italy


Meditative soul,

busy in the search for resources.

Co-founder of Feeling Italy, Ferruccio is a lawyer with multiple interests that cultivates in his free time, but do not think about painting or DIY! In his spare time, Ferruccio is a theatrical producer, a sailing instructor or charity event organizer!

In 2007 he became involved with his childhood friend, Piero, in the project of a new model of welcome, focused on refined hospitality but sincere and genuine at the same time. It is the critical and reflective soul of the team, engaged in the research of the resources and, of course, in the management of legal concerns.

Feeling Italy


Scientific mind,

he takes care of accounting and restructuring .

Carlo is an engineer, one of the good ones, able to really understand really how the world works... So, he decided to stop being an engineer!

After years spent directing construction sites around Italy, in 2012 he decides to change his life, he abandons the construction helmet and returns to Naples to support his brother Piero in the development of the Feeling Italy project.

His scientific imprint is reflected within the company where he takes care of the accounting and the renovation of every new acquisition.

Feeling Italy


Truthful, professional. Friendly enough. The true masterchef of the group.

Feeling Italy


Serenity! If the world falls, he moves over a little. Great sense of humour. Super ironic.

Feeling Italy


"Because we feel at home with you." This is the recurring comment of the guests. Careful, scrupulous and always available.

Feeling Italy


Hyperactive. Always available to guests. Always making sure they are all living the experience they dreamt about.

Feeling Italy


A sweet surprise. Careful to communications with customers before, during and after the stay.

Feeling Italy


Charming villas for the holiday you have always dreamed of.